The electronic milk meter iMilk401 Sheep & Goats is a new compact control panel designed for those stockbreeders who wish for indications regarding the milk yield and a automatic reliable cluster removal. It ensures a fast and gentle milking avoiding the risk of over-milking.

The display shoes the data of the milk production in real time and warns in time the user for possible errors. iMilk401 S & G ensures the advanced monitoring of pulsation, stimulation and washing at every milking point. The system is versatile and ideal for sheep and goats. iMilk401 S&G is also available with a dairy management software and allows manual or automatic identification.

The milk meter iMilk401 S&G is designed to monitor every aspect of milking, washing, cluster removal and milk yield. It can control the milking frequency and the proportion of the pulsation in a wide range in order to cover the needs of any system (whether of high or low line) and any kind of animal (cattle – sheep and goats).

The milk meter iMilk401 provides, also, the following information:

- milk production (error ± 10%) of each animal

- conductivity warning

- indication of temperature during washing and temperature alarm during washing

iMilk401 can trigger stimulation or it can be done manually (it can be activated by the milker at any given time).

It is, also, possible to connect iMilk401 with a remote start contact (e.g. DVC automatic start) and a remote washing contact.

The milk meters iMilk401 support a dairy management software called DHM.

The use of DHM enables you to monitor milking and washing in real time, to create a report for the flock and to program all the boxes at the same time.


• Milk yield indicator for each animal at each milking point

• Indicator for the duration of milking

• Total entries of the milk production (more than 45 entries per milking point)

• Pulsation indicator

• Automatic and manual stimulation

• Automatic cluster removal

• 5 different milking programmes

• Temperature at milking and washing

• Conductivity

• Network commands

• Advanced milk yield indicator

• Advanced pulsation, stimulation and ACR control

• Centralized washing system

• Ideal for sheep and goats

• Conductivity alarm

• Manual or automatic identification

• Available with management software