HELVAC Γεωργουλόπουλος

The company “HELVAC GEORGOLOPOULOU L.P.” was founded in Thessaloniki forty years ago using at that time the name “PTEGE” and is still engaged in the field of agriculture until today. With exceptional collaborations in every region of Greece, we can provide direct solutions to functional and essential issues.


Milking Equipment

We represent the successful companies MANOVAC SL and FARMLINE which are engaged in state-of-the art milking system, we are, also, the sole COMPAR SA and AGRISMI.


Helvac, the only official representative of ASSAF.E in Greece and Cyprus, can provide you with ASSAF sheep, any relevant information that you might require plus after-sale services.

Feed Mixers

The ever-increasing demands in modern livestock breeding that seeks modern ideas and solutions for Breeding - Milk production and fattening of ruminants, HELVAC produces excellent quality and performance balancers for all stages, Reproduction - Dairying - Growth - Fattening, with unparalleled efficiency.


Mannovac Farm lineComparInterpuls


Spanish Federation ASSAF.E.

Helvac is the only official representative of ASSAF.E. for Greece and Cyprus, and can supply you with ASSAF sheep, inform you and support you after the sale.