Dairy biotype, curved profile and extraordinary lines.


In harmony with the rest of the body, long, flat on the sides and with a curved profile. The ears are big, wide and long, the edges of which tend to turn outwards; horns are common.


Long, strong and muscular.


Wide and long, slightly bow-shaped ribs, straight lumbar line, smooth point of shoulder, wide back and hips with a lower end and semi-fat tail. Strong udder, symmetrical, medium-sized teats found on the bottom with a tendency to follow the ribs. The testicles of the male sheep are symmetrical.


White, in some cases reddish or even black on the head and to a lesser extent on the limbs. The colour of the hair is off-white and it does not cover the limbs beneath the hock, the front part of the neck nor the head, the udder or the testicles.


It varies: 70-80 kilos for the females and 80-100 kilos for the males.