Milking Equipment on a Truck

The milking systems for sheep and goats on trucks are a smart and practical solution. They are suitable mostly for flocks that are on the move. These milking systems have the exact same features as the stationary ones, even if they are placed on platforms. They have stainless-steel or galvanized-steel rapid exit stalls (on demand), which confine the animals in groups, and they are available at the following sizes: 1x8, 1x12, 1x16, 1x24. These milking systems are Manovac products and they have powerful vacuum pumps with a capacity that depends on the size of the milking system, stainless-steel milk receivers, silicone-only milking units, stainless-steel milk and water pipes along with PVC pipes for the pulsators, automatic electronic pulsators with a control and programming unit, automatic electronic washing machines with a selection option among several programmes so that to thoroughly clean the whole system, stainless-steel washing machine basin. You are more than welcome to ask any further questions; we would be delighted to answer them and meet your expectations.