MANOVAC RAPID EXIT milking equipment for sheep and goats in a double line

The MANOVAC milking parlours in a double line are available at the following sizes: 2Χ12 - 2Χ16 - 2Χ18 - 2Χ24 - 2Χ32 - 2X36

Moreover, a new system 2x40 is also available with two stainless-steel milk receivers of 70 litres each. MANOVAC can provide you with the most perfect milking systems with stainless-steel tubes of large diameter (Ø76-3 inches) for a fast and trouble-free milking. The water supply is divided into two separate independent circuits along the milking parlour so that the water can be quickly recycled and the milking systems can be thoroughly cleaned. The double line Manovac systems include five lines of pipes on each side. Each side is being washed separately through an independent line for the washing machine. There is a branch system for the water to be sent to the pipes and a special PVC line inside the pit for the air to be filtered in the pulsators in order to prolong their faultless function. Vacuum piping PVC blue Ø75 or Ø90. The stainless-steel milk and water pipes are connected around the milking parlour inside the pit up to the receiver. Furthermore, they are equipped with the most modern milking systems and with back-up systems for an unlimited mechanic function. They are available with a hot-dip galvanized steel or completely stainless-steel RAPID EXIT gate, including the automatic feeding dosage.