SPACE MIX Feed Mixer


The vertical SPACE MIX feed mixer is rightfully recognized as the most complete equipment.
ως το πλήρες πρότυπο εξοπλισμού.
It is available at the following sizes (m3): 10-12-14-16

It includes:

  • A vertical screw conveyor for the mixture of the ingredients
  • Two vertical and two horizontal brakes that control the feed in order to be chopped properly
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Distribution at both sides through a hydraulic chain and tilt-turn option at the exit for those who need to feed at a height of 1.20 metres
  • Hydraulic support foot for the platform
  • Two gear boxes
  • Computer precision weighing system with 4 load cells and display screen
  • Battery
  • External ladder to climb on the front side of the platform and monitor the process safely on a non-slip aluminium floor
  • Protective safety bar at the rear side of the platform