Electric clippers for sheep and goats

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This hair clipper will excite anyone who is involved in shearing sheep.
The sheep clipper with technology for economical use without waste of energy, with ergonomic design and specifications for light silent use, no vibration in its behavior is essential for every professional breeder!
It performs well even in the dirtiest, muddy and tangled sheep's coats and is an ideal product for large flocks. The blades slide between the thickest and harder coats. Its compact design makes it easy to use and at the same time though it has a very powerful motor it is extremely silent!
Product characteristics:
Compact design for easier handling.
Powerful and ultra silent motor of the engine.
Thermal protection cooling system to avoid overheating the machine for continuous work.
Blade pressure adjustment with rotary knob.
Stainless steel cutting S3 special knives.
Rubber handle for better control and less fatigue.
High performance for simple, clean and fast haircut.
Low maintenance through self-lubrication of bearings.
Weight (only 1.3 kg)
Powerful 330 Watt motor with 200 Watt output power.
Ergonomic design (comfortable and safe).
Simple cleaning.
Ergonomic carrying case, including accessories.
CE certificate