The sheep have a remarkably high milk performance, while the average milking period is 210 days, which can even be exceeded with a proper milking system. The average milk production that has been certified through official inspections during 150 days of milking is 350 litres (2.2 litres per day) with an average fat content of 6.2%, protein content of 5.3% and dry matter of 16.8%. Their meat performance is based on the production of suck-lambs.

The ewes present a rather good early productivity: they give birth for the first time at the age of 14-16 months depending on the growth of their body and the season of birth. They exhibit a good fertility rate while the prolificacy rate is 1.6. They have been raised mostly in intensive breeding systems where the average reproduction rate is one birth per year, yet the case of three births in two years is not rare in some farms.