Murciana Goats (Murciano Granadina)

It is a purely Spanish breed that was named after the regions Murcia & Granada located in South Spain.

The goats of this breed are coloured Black and Brown. The existence of two colours does not affect to the slightest the milk production and the body type of the animals, which produce milk in high quantities and of high quality with a fat content of 5.7-5.8% and a protein content of 3.8%.

The Murciana Goats are medium-sized goats of 50-55 kilos, which means that they eat less than other bigger goats. However, they produce big quantities of milk, with the majority of them to exceed 600 litres.

They have a big udder and same-sized teats what contributes to an excellent mechanic milking.

The imported animals are 6-7 months old and they are completely healthy, free of brucellosis-paratuberculosis and encephalitis.